kupomogli (kupomogli) wrote,

Hey Andrew,

Forgot to add this, but yes, FF1 does involve strategy(not on Origins of course, but the original.) It's due to the fact that when you kill an enemy, your characters will not change their target, so once an enemy dies, if three more characters attack the same target, the attacks will be ineffective, so it takes a sense of strategy of remember the hp the enemies have from recent battles, or using some sense and thinking of whether a newly fought enemy may die from attacks from this and this character, changing targets for your other two characters. Which is why FF1 on Origins is so easy, and it's not just because of the target system, also the amount of armor you can equip at a time has raised. Also the miss percent for both allies and enemies has also raised, while for allies, after reaching a higher level, they'll, but enemies(even later on) will still miss frequently.

So yeah, there is strategy involved playing the original copy of Final Fantasy, and when playing FF Origins, even the normal mode is easy as hell.

-andrew- -kupomogli-
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