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bonus update for all you kupoheads

Hey Andrew,

Paws was right about some things, but what I was saying about the Castlevania series, is the newer ones(Symphony of the Night, Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow), even though they have RPG elements like HP, MP, the ability to equip different items and learn different abilities, that doesn't make them an RPG. The fact is that they are still Side-Scroller Action/Adventure games because that's how the main gameplay is, any way you look at it. So that was what I was going on when I said that would make every Castlevania an RPG, because of that gameplay, and the older Mario's and Contra's gameplay are somewhat the same, which is why I said those would have to be considered RPG's as well. Not to get anyone confused, I just didn't have enough time to explain everything in detail because I was almost late for work, and then I had to brush my teeth which of course did make me late for work, so I got to work, ate food there, and then signed on instead of immediately signing on once I got there(I hope I don't get fired for that).

Anyways, I'm finished with playing FF11, even though I still have 19 days to keep playing left, I don't like the game and it really bores me, so I'll play La Pucelle.

And forgot to put this up top, what Paws said is also very true, "It's always difficult trying to categorize exactly *what* a genre is. There's too many individuals and companies and games out there trying to do just so and seeming to just confuse the actual RPGamers out there that just wanna play the freaking things :P", because it is very hard to classify, like on todays column someone said what about Tales of series(Star Ocean sucks and isn't worth mentioning), but even though my explanation of an RPG did vaguely include the Tales of series, it also sortof left them out a bit.

-andrew- -kupomogli-
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