kupomogli (kupomogli) wrote,

Oh boy!

Hey Andrew,

I'm certain this will get a lot of reply's, and yeah, I hate Chrono Trigger, but I know there is alot of people that like it, and seeing how this is an RPG site I was thinking I'd show the one site that I found.

It's some people who are working on a recreation of Chrono Trigger, with an entirely 3D world. The graphics look awesome(for all you people who love graphics), and hopefully they change the gameplay(atleast so it's not it's same repetitive self), it says they're planning releasing it in December 2004 on the computer as a free program, because right now it's only 25% complete, anyways just thought everyone would like to see it, and even though I hate it, it will still get me to play it, because I'm wanting to see how good they did on it.

Anyways, here's the site.


-andrew- -kupomogli-
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