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Hey Andrew,

Since everyone's giving all this info about FF2, I decided to give a little bit of info of my own. There are many powerful weapons that can be equipped in a single hand in the game, and miraciously(which I don't even know if I spelled it right,) the characters all have two hands, in which you can equip two weapons in each hand against the boss that you fought who was so hard, meaning that of course, you could have made it even easier.

Second. I would like to add, that since many of you feel the need to cheat on FF2 using the weapon level raising cheat, that you might be happy to know that on Dawn of Souls the weapon level raising cheat has been removed and you have to do it like everyone who didn't cheat. The storyline was changed dramatically, and excellent I might add. However, even though you can level up spells and weapons quicker, the game isn't really easier, and sucks as badly as it did on both the NES and PSX versions. Atleast the story is good, but too bad the game still sucks.

FF however, even though very easy, is pretty good and I really liked it, finishing it a second time with one of my favorite groups(except the Knight changed to a Ninja due to a weapon I want to use.)

-andrew- -kupomogli-
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