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Wishlist with random meowing

Here are the games I want for Christmas, but first off... Andrew why the hell are you still calling games like Final Fantasy 2 and 3, FF2j, or FF3j? It's FF2 or FF3 wherever you are, and what it's translated in another country doesn't really matter. Unless the people are complete idiots who started at FF7, they will know what you're talking about, which other than that, if they think you're talking about FF2 with Cecil and everyone else, then FF2j won't help because most like their opinion to the first would be the same to the other. So leave it off, it's just stupid to include it.

Second, Dragon Warrior 8 is not a Squaresoft title, and infact, the Dragon Warrior team is the one who was working on the title, the part of the team that didn't quit because of the merger and join other companies(which was only a few.)

Anyways, I was actually lying, because this isn't a list of games I want for Christmas, because I'm going to buy them myself whenever they come out.

Starting at the titles being released first.

---Growlanser Generations
---Final Fantasy 1 and 2: Dawn of the Expansi... Souls(an expansion pack, that includes the entire game, and costs more than origins. Da** Squaresoft.)
---Suikoden 4
---Wild ARMs Alter Code F(next years game of the year.)
---Castlevania DS(no info? who cares, it's another Castlevania to add to my collection, of oh say, every single release since the orignal.)

-andrew- -kupomogli-
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