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Long time no see... good old MSNM banning

Hey Google or Andrew,

I'm probably one of the biggest Castlevania fans there is, and the guy who
recently emailed in was actually pretty wrong.

On the original Castlevania, stage 6 isn't hard, and neither is stage 5.
Stage 5's boss, Death, however, is one of the harder bosses, and the only
one I will ever occassionally die at. Also, the first in the series is not
forgettable, and has better control than the 3rd.

The third Castlevania for the GB is called Castlevania Adventure, not
Castlevania Legacy, and stars Sonia Belmont.

Castlevania 64 is a great game as it brought the feeling of Castlevaina,
where he must have just sucked at it.

Castlevania Legacy of Darkness for the N64 has 4 playable characters, which
are the two original characters and two others. Henry, Reinhardt, and
Carrie have to be unlocked however.

Castlevania Chronicles is a remake of the original Castlevania as well, and
the hardest Castlevania there is.

Also, Castlevania Aria of Sorrow is the worst Castlevania there is, and I'd
advise no one to get it.

Lament of Innocence which the guy wanted to know what is like, is a 3d
action adventure game, with great movement and controls. The gameplay was
kindof stolen from Devil May Cry, but added onto so much that they perfected
the use of combos where you actually have your character basically do
whatever you want him to do. The bad thing, is that the game is extremely
easy if you get really good at it, and the fact that most of the rooms in
each place are replicated rooms of another room you've been in about 10 to
20 times already with different enemies. However, beat the game and get
Crazy mode, and it actually gets fun to play because the difficulty is
actually hard(as soon as you get past the extremely hard difficulty, being
the fact that you have no abilities at the start like in normal and the
enemies are so much harder.)

And no, Symphony of the Night IS NOT the game to play, due to the fact that
it is the easiest Castlevania there is, no contest, as well as the other
hour of just lengthening the game by just turning the castle upside down and
adding harder enemies.

Also, I have to say that you(Google) made yourself sound like one of those
Final Fantasy 7 fanboys when you used some improper sentence structure about
Castlevania 2.

"2 kind of tried to be like SotN, but really didn't pull it off."

Now come on Google? I hope you don't think Symphony of the Night was
released before Castlevania 2 was, and trust me, Castlevania 2 is FAR BETTER
than Symphony of the Night will ever be.

Also, Google, Castlevania changed from being stage based to the exploration
type due to the fact that Konami had IGA start doing the series instead, and
as you can see, IGA is now taking whats popular and going with it(which is
why they copied Devil May Cry and made it about 100 times better.) And
lastly, IGA did use the exploration bit from Metroid, but I don't know where
the hell you go off and call them Metroid clones. I don't even like SotN
and don't even call it that because it's nowhere even close to being a
Metroid clone. The only thing they do have in common is the exploration,
and it has that in common with about 1000 other games.

-andrew- -kupomogli-
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