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twice the goodness! And by goodness I mean I can't say anyhting nice at all!

Hey Andrew,

First off, shouldn't everyone have known about Chrono Trigger Ressurection
quite some time ago, I mean, I already went and told you about it early this
year anyways, seeing how you like Chrono Trigger, so why is this guy
bringing it up again.  Also, the fact that they are only recreating certain
parts of it doesn't mean they are doing anything wrong, it's like a demo,
which they are sending to various video game companies to show them all what
they can do, and allowing people on the PC to download it and play the parts
as well.  It's not really stealing when the parts they're only working on
certain parts and it's more fan work than anything else.

Also, Peckmoa Gallant is right about Star Ocean Till the End of Time,
although I don't really see a 3 in the title, or a III, so I don't know
where he got that except that it's the third in the series to be released of
course, and just because it's the third doesn't mean it's Star Ocean 3,
seeing as the second was written as "The Second Story."  But anyways, I hate
everything about Star Ocean The Second Story except for it's prerendered
backgrounds, dungeon/town sprite graphics, and it's music, so if I was only
going for graphics, I would love this game, however I'm not, so that is why
it will always suck because both the story and gameplay is horrible.  Star
Ocean Till the End of Time however has an awesome story and excellent
gameplay.  The graphics are like Xenosaga's, however, the music is not and
it doesn't suck Xenosaga does as well, which I just mentioned above, so this
we should be glad.  And also like Peckmoa said, that it's the best game to
come out in a long while, I mean come on, if Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter
is the last good RPG that came out before this, and Wild ARMs 3 before that,
isn't that just telling you something(and yes, I do not think Tales of
Symphonia is good, in fact it sucks, very very badly.)  But yes, all of you
should get Star Ocean Till the End of Time, but don't be like all the people
that were like me that preordered the game when I was there, although I was
the first one in the store(and in the line for that matter,) while I waited
for them to get my preorder ticket and looking around seeing the people
gather in line behind me, out of the 8 people in the store, I could tell 6
of them were getting Star Ocean as well.  How could I tell that?  Well it's
kindof obvious when we have some losers who go and by strategy guides,
that's why.

Ignore this if you don't, but if you're one of the people who does this,
seriously, what the hell,  RPG's are meant to be challenging and to figure
everything out for yourselves.  What the hell is the reason for you people
to even buy an RPG if you're going to buy strategy guides as soon as you
even get the game, and don't even bother making up the excuse to yourself
that it's to help find where to go, unless you like wasting another 20
dollars for every game just to find out a place you get stuck at which
wouldn't be really that hard to find to begin with if you just looked a
little bit, because you can't very well lie to yourselves that you'll be
using the strategy guides throughout the entire game.  You people shouldn't
even play RPG's.  And if you many of you people are like me and don't use
strategy guides, then this message is not sent out towards you.

Also, I'm in my ranting mode, so why not tell Aranti Leonheart how much he
just sucked in Final Fantasy 8, because the first time I've ever beat Final
Fantasy 8, I never once upgraded any of my weapons because the game is so
easy to begin with there is no need to upgrade your weapons.  So I'm only
assuming you had to have the Lionheart to beat Ultimecia, which of course I
find very sad.  Why stop there though, why not just be even cheaper and use
a Holy War, or if you sucked and already used it, why not learn only one of
Rinoa's other Limit Breaks, the Invincible Moon, allowing you to have a
33.3% chance of this ability working(seeing as you already start with two.)
That way you'll have Squall with the Lionheart and Rinoa with a very good
chance of casting Invincible Moon, because I'm sure you didn't want to have
any trouble defeating the last boss or any other boss in the game for that

And as for my favorite Final Fantasy titles since everyone else seems to be
listing theirs, then mine would be FF6, FF1, FF4, FF5, FFTactics, FF3, FF9,
FFMystic Quest, FF8, FFTactics Advance, FF2, FF7, FF10-2, FF11, FF10(FF11
and 10 suck just as badly, I usually switch them around, but the fact that
there are nice people online while playing FF11 makes it better than just
playing an altogether pathetic game with a completely repetitive battle
system, no good music, and a horrible story  with everything after FF2
being the ones I hate, and FF8, FFTactics Advance, and FF2 are titles I only
dislike, not hate.

-andrew- -kupomogli-
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