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Your LJ Friend RPG Party by Jennifurret
Obligatory Love Interestsdhero
Macho Guy who is really a softyamishchief
Mysterious Girl with Hidden Pastvaitso
Annoying Little Kidskaa
The Perfect One that Diesbobthemongrel
Badguy gone Goodpikamyst
The Androgynous Looking Oneo_shrouded_one
Pointless Fanservice Hot Onepawsrpg
Furry Useless Mascothyu
And the real villian is...neron
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Guess me and Zach have to fight for Justin's attention... woooooo <.<

In other news, I'm getting a cold and colds make me murderous.  I also had a highly disturbing dream that my Grandma had a stroke, which came with ridiculous Hollywood production values like a subplot involving some sort of shootout outside my building.  WHY DOES A DREAM NEED A SUBPLOT? I demand some sort of Ritalin, to promote singleness of purpose, because otherwise this sort of Daytime Emmy winning material will only get out of hand.
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