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Hey Andrew,

Yes, I think Action RPG is a sham definition that should be discarded in favor of just calling them action games. Because truly there really is no action RPG, and if that term were to be used, the only ones would be games like Final Fantasy 11, Ragnarok Online, .Hack, or basically any type of PC RPG, but I don't even think that action RPG should be used seriously. Games like the later Castlevania series, Seiken Densetsu, Kingdom Hearts, the Evergrace series, and especially the Zelda series, have elements of an RPG, but by no means should be called an RPG because of how far off they are in that area. Having a few elements of a genre shouldn't include anything into that genre. Just like games like the Tales series or Star Ocean(this game sucks, this is just an example) are RPG's. Just because games like those have real time, you don't travel from screen to screen killing enemies, as well as the fact that, that everything dealing with an RPG is found in the Tales series, which shows that just because the battles are in real time, doesnt mean it's an Action/Adventure game. It's like someone learning how to use a few techniques in martial arts. That doesn't mean you really know martial arts, it just means you would know how to do something in it. It's the exact same thing.

Also, this greatly disappoints me, seeing as how FFFanboy goes and says the Dragon Warrior series has a weak storyline? I have to say that the last one he must have played was the original if he says the storyline is nothing, sure it may not be that great of a storyline in 2 and 3, but the story to 4 decent, and seeing how I've never played 5 and 6 I don't really know, but the 7th has a great storyline.

Lastly, I do not hate the Final Fantasy series, just FF2,7,10,10-2, and 11(and everything onward if it keeps going the way it's been).

-andrew- -kupomogli-
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