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Dear Friends

Hey Andrew,

Like I told you earlier, I thought some of the tracks(err.. pieces), that were at the concert was good, but they should have used his best pieces. And seriously, not only is One Winged Angel way too overrated, but also Aerith's Theme, because I mean seriously. It's not even that good, and the only reason people love it, is that track, paired with her death(yet you know nothing about her and nothing to cling onto, so why would you even care about her dying, no character background or anything).

Anyways, like I said, I would put what would really make a good orchestra.

Of course, rather than having it in the middle(and since it is Final Fantasy), the orchestra should open with...

The Prelude - It's the Final Fantasy series, and what better piece to open it with, than the, umm, well, opening, you know?

Now that that is over with, you have to pair it with the best tracks from the series, not in any particular order, but how I think they should go together(which I took some time to figure out which ones I really loved, which were alot, should be called the absolute greatest), and what would have been perfect, is the second track be...

The Landing (Final Fantasy 8) - And no, not that one on the demo, the version remade and placed onto the game is alot better anyways. First starts out slow, and gets very fast paced, a beautiful track throughout the entire thing, would have been great for an opening.

Then the tracks that should have followed...

Ahead On Our Way(Final Fantasy 5)
Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony(Final Fantasy 7)
The Opera(full - all four tracks - Final Fantasy 6)
Gulguru Volcano(ORIGINAL Final Fantasy 1/NOT FROM ORIGINS)
Golbez, Clad in Dark(Final Fantasy 4)
Freya's Theme(Final Fantasy 9)
Dungeon/The Magic House(Final Fantasy 2/Final Fantasy 6)
The Dark Crystals(Final Fantasy 3/NOT FF6)
The Unforgiven(Metallica... err.. Final Fantasy 6)
Dreadful Battle(Final Fantasy 4)
Decisive Battle(Final Fantasy 5)

And lastly, something that would be perfect for the end....

Opening Theme(Final Fantasy 1) - It's perfect for an ending, as well as an opening, so being like them to play One Winged Angel, if whoever would think it would be more suprising and make a better performance, use either Dreadful Battle(FF4) or Decisive Battle(FF5) as a suprise ending instead of in the during the actual performance. Everyone has the right to dream, so I'm just naming the tracks I'd think would be the absolute best in creating an excellent performance.

(Also, these are my opinions, everyone has different opinions, and I apologize to all the people who think an FF10 track shouldnt have been left out, but to tell the truth, I didn't think any tracks in FF10 were any good, sorry).

-andrew- -kupomogli-
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