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Hey Andrew,

First off letting everyone know they'll have a chance to beat an RPG before I do, because I'm not playing La Pucelle until the 27th when I quit Final Fantasy XI, second, so many people on FFXI I don't even know wave to me for no reason, so if you see me and wave to me or say something to me and I ignore you because I'm doing something else, I'm really sorry, and has anyone from here seen me?

Anyways, seems everyone is stuck on the topic of RPG's, and I think I can clear this problem up, except for this is an RPG site, and we should be stuck on the topic of RPG's but I meant the topic of what an RPG is.

So we'll have to start at the basis of what is classified as an RPG now. We have games like Kingdom Hearts and Drakengard in the lineup, which are definitely not RPG's, because if they were, how many other games have the same gameplay, many many games, ones like Dynasty Warriors, Grand Theft Auto, True Crime, and many others, all these games you get HP, you collect stuff, and you run around killing things to get to the next part.

Think of the new Castlevania games and those being labeled as RPG's, they have RPG elements but if they were to be labeled RPG's so would every other Castlevania, because they all have the same elements of gameplay. And not just Castlevania, but that would make the Mario and Contra series RPG's as well. So in all, if we were to go into a lot of detail and name all the games classified as an RPG today, and look and see how all the other games are compared to it, all games today are actually RPG's.

Now, to copy LockeZ incredibly bad representation of game genres(especially for a few) I'll give a correct representation of what kindof games are what.

Action/Adventure - Games that are(not real time) mostly level based fast paced games, as well as games you explore places, and go from dungeon to dungeon.

Side-Scroller Action/Adventure - Side Scrolling Action/Adventure(did I even have to name this).

Fighting - Usually side-scroller based type, continuous battles with the use of multiple kicks punches and special attacks. (unlike LockeZ explanation, if his was true, then FF10 would be a fighting game, heh).

Simulation - Simulates thing(Vehicles/Aircraft games, Theme Park/Sim City type games).

Racing - I don't think I have to explain this.

Sports - I don't think I have to explain this either.

RPGs - Rocket Propelled Grenades, they blow stuff up. No. Consists of a menu based system where characters run into battles, when then are forced to fight(or run) using the menu system, and explore a world as well as gaining exp, gaining better abilties, and lastly using some sense of strategy to overcome parts in the game.

Anyways, I'm almost late for work and I don't have time for strategy games and puzzle games, but if an adventure game involved puzzles like LockeZ said, then why would the puzzle category be needed, as well as the fact that, that would mean Wild ARMs isn't an RPG it would be an adventure game seeing as the many puzzles that are in each of the games in the series(strategy games are their own).

-andrew- -kupomogli-
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